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Libwin Library Systems runs a structured training programme (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses) for existing clients, which ultimately covers functionality in both Libwin and ActiveConnect.


After many years of presenting on site training, Libwin Library Systems has discovered that presenting training in a formal, dedicated environment, has proven to be of far greater benefit to trainees.


With a dedicated, state-of-the-art training lab, Libwin Library Systems is able to offer the best learning environment for course attendees possible.


Courses are held according to a pre-determined schedule at our offices in Johannesburg, South Africa or at varying external training centres.

To read the contents / critical outcomes of our courses, click here.

In order to attend training, a training course enrolment form must be completed and faxed back to Libwin Library Systems.

Download one here.

Scheduled training courses


August/September 2018

Beginners Course (CAPE TOWN)

Intermediate Course (CAPE TOWN)

Advanced Course (CAPE TOWN)

Textbook Management Course (CAPE TOWN)

Beginners Course (Johannesburg)

Intermediate Course (Johannesburg)

Beginners Course (DURBAN)

Intermediate Course (DURBAN)

Advanced Course (DURBAN)

Textbook Management Course (DURBAN)

Textbook Management Course (Johannesburg)

- 13th August

- 14th August

- 15th August

- 16th August

- 21st August

- 23rd August

- 27th August

- 28th August

- 29th August

- 30th August

- 4th September


(011) 622 3431





69 9th Avenue



South Africa




Our vision is to empower libraries through the continued development

of user-friendly, international-standard and quality library automation & management software.


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